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DRNewcomb 11-05-2012 18:19

UK virtual number: Yak, Yackie? I forgot.
Yesterday I got a wrong number call from UK. Turns out that it came via my Tru number, but it made me think about some years ago there was a service I signed up for that gave a premium UK number that I could forward for free to many places around the world. It was so long ago I even forgot the name and website. Something like Yak or Yack. I can't find it now. Does someone remember. Is it still in business?

123456 12-05-2012 07:41
YAC, your always connected.

DRNewcomb 12-05-2012 14:37


Originally Posted by 123456 (Post 39432)
YAC, your always connected.

Now I see. What I recall signing up for is now their "Personal Number" option. Fortunately I saved the original e-mail from when I signed up. I was able to find it searching for e-mails from It appears that my account was canceled for non-use. Just as well; that's one complication I don't need.

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