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jlcamut 20-05-2015 08:26

New recommendation on prepaid SIM in France

I am visiting Paris from 26/5 to 4/6 and will need SIM card with 3G for wtsapp and tango, and bit of calls
Which service provider do you recommend and which package for prepaid SIM?

Best regards,

PhotoJim 04-06-2015 12:37

I wish I'd seen your message earlier - I just got home from Paris.

Having learned what I've learned now, I'd probably just pick up a Lebara SIM from a *tabac* in France. Alternatively, Toggle Mobile works well in a lot of countries (including France) - voice and text are cheap; data is moderately priced but livable. Because you can use Toggle in many countries, it's easier to justify keeping it alive long-term.

Incidentally I tried twice to go to Orange boutiques to pick up iPad SIMs (Pret a Surfer) and both claimed not to have them in stock. I decided to just live without the iPads instead of chasing down someone willing to sell me a SIM.

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