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rigoleto 14-07-2010 00:01

Data roaming UK
Hi everyone,

I'll visit four european countries in fourteen days by bus (UK is not among them). I want to have permanent mobile internet access from my phone. The problem is that my schedule won't allow me to purchase a SIM Card from the first country I'll be visiting until a day after arrival. However, I can get a UK SIM Card in advance. I can purchase a data roaming plan and use it as a backup SIM Card. That way I'll be able to continously browse the web while I get a local SIM in each country.

I'm planning of buying a Euro Internet Booster plan from T-Mobile UK: 50Mb of data roaming for 10 pounds.

What do you think?


dg7feq 14-07-2010 08:23

That sounds reasonable, depending on the usage profile 50 MB should be more than enough for mobile browsing...

Chris (who never ever manages to finish up his 30 MB package on a non-3G phone) ;)

Stu 14-07-2010 13:22

He isn't planning on using the TMobile SIM most days. He is planning on using itnuntil he is capable of buying a local prepaid SIM in most countries. He may be ok.

dg7feq 14-07-2010 15:20

yes, what i said- i never manage to finish up my data allowance with mobile browsing ;)

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