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Stu 11-08-2012 16:24

Virtual Numbers Which Can Handle SMS
I'm interested in VOIP numbers which can handle SMS as well as voice and which can behave as a virtual mobile number capable of international forwarding. I know of the following:


*Google Voice (you can not directly internationally forward, but can do so with a PBXes free account);

Rogers One Number




Sipgate One (sounds like it is closing down)

What other services do people know about

andy 11-08-2012 17:15

It looks like you already know a lot more than me

I'm assuming you want send and receive sms, rather than just send?

Localphone can send, and receive, but it seems to be that receiving only works on UK incoming numbers and for from UK mobile networks. I have an account, but I haven't explored this at all. Edit: now tested by receiving one.

Global SMS Support | Localphone

Some of those global SIMs have call diversion at reasonable rates, including free, but there's the cost of calling the number in the first place.

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