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Robbo 15-07-2009 18:30

plans prepaiod Usa for Blackberry Storm
Hi I am Italian and i will go on Houston and Florida on August for 1 month.I Have BB Storm 9500 unlocked (IN Italy all Storm is unlocked) I look a prepaid Plans for Blackberry Storm 9500 similar 9530.
I should want buy a sim card USA (the roaming is mucho expensive) for Blackberry Storm on flat tariff to use internet, email, maps, and voice
Have you to suggest a sim prepaid with feature? sorry for my question but I don’t know and I haven’t understood the Usa commercial policy. For Italy it is strange Thanks for the answers and sorry for my English

Please don’t say me look the link or phone number of operator I don’t understand that is the product sim prepaid correct for Blackberry Storm


Bossman 15-07-2009 18:41

First, no need apologizing for your English.It's well understood.

To use with your BB, AT&T is the only one that ofers some kind of data. However, I am not sure if any of the BB specific settings will need to be updated to actually get it to work with the BB push mail service. It's not cheap, but I believe it should work for at least browsing on your BB.

FBlack_111 16-07-2009 23:09

This site may be of interest to you.

Cellular Phones: Blackberry on AT&T GoPhone Pick Your Plan, google talk, mms messaging

Why not consider buying a cheap Boost Mobile phone for the month. They have a flat rate plan for $50. I think phones start about $49.

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