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DaveRo 12-08-2008 08:18


Originally Posted by gmmour (Post 23167)
Cosmote only offers the "Cosmote MY View pass" which costs 4 Euro/month and offers unlimited access to their "My View" WAP portal as well as 40 MB of Web traffic...

Their normal price is 0,0119 Euro/kB though...

I'm back in Greece next week and spent an hour yesterday on Cosmote's website looking for prepaid data prices or offers as a back-up to Wind NS. I couldn't find that price and didn't see "My View Pass". Is there an English webpage describing it. Or failing that a Greek one that I can show people in a Cosmote shop?


Why don't you consider signing up for one of their postpaid data offers (Cosmote, Vodafone or Wind)? You'll just pay the first (or maybe second month) but still it might be cheaper for you... There is no minimum contract duration so you can cancel anytime you want...
One problem could be that they need an address. I'm on a boat - no fixed base - and that's sometimes not acceptable.

I find the Cosmote data offers difficult to understand. "Internet on the Go" for example - is that an addon to a postpost?

gmmour 12-08-2008 13:59

Well, the cosmote website is a mess... I don't know who designed it and what was the logic behind it but it's a mess.
That's their pricelist in English, although it has no refference to "my view"... Total mess:
The same pricelist in Greek has the my view pricelist:

You can activate the My view portal by sending an sms with the word "WAP" to 1333 and you'll receive the settings. Then you can activate the monthly pass (4 Euro/40 MB web surfing) through the main site of "Cosmote My view" or at a Cosmote shop.
If you activate the monthly pass at a Cosmote shop for the first time you get a 50% discount (i.e. 2 Euro for the first month)...
Unfortunately the My view mini-site on is not available in English...

It is an expensive alternative though and you should consider signing up for a postpaid offer which you will cancel when you leave Greece... You can give them any address you want as soon as you provide them with a valid credit card for account payment... They don't ask a lot of paperwork if you provide them with a credit card...
Unfortunately this is true for Wind and Vodafone at least, but Cosmote shops might still ask for a proof of address in Greece even though you provide them with a valid credit card... Give it a try...

A Wind or Vodafone shop will acitvate your postpaid contract without any paperwork, if you give them a credit card... I've done it many times...

finejam 13-08-2008 00:05


Originally Posted by gmmour (Post 23167)
Why don't you consider signing up for one of their postpaid data offers (Cosmote, Vodafone or Wind)? You'll just pay the first (or maybe second month) but still it might be cheaper for you... There is no minimum contract duration so you can cancel anytime you want...

At first, thank you very much, again!!!

I did expect there would bei minimun duration of contract! If not thats definitely the BEST for me! Also because my aunt is greek and lives there so adress is no problem...

gmmour - Do you now how much time in advance I would have to male such a contract? I think I cannot get the sim for such a contract directly in a shop? Or can I singup online? What about cancelling? Could it be a mess?

Thank you very much, finejam

gmmour 13-08-2008 00:43

You just show up in one of their stores and ask for a data contract WITHOUT subsidy and WITHOUT a modem! If you do get a modem with the contract and cancel then you have to pay back the subsidy, so make it clear that you don't want any subsidy and make sure that your contract contains 0 (zero) Euro as the amount of subsidy you have to pay back in case you cancel!

If you make it absolutely clear to them that you don't want any subsidy (a lot of employees in greek mobile phone shops don't know how to fill in a contract with zero subsidy and you do have to insist some time), then you'll have your contract signed and your SIM activated in minutes... You don't have to do anything in advance! Providing them with a credit card for account payment will actually make the process a lot faster... 30 minutes maximum I think is the time you'll spend in the shop...

Of course you have to have a 3G modem already to put the SIM card in...

So, to sum up, a contract with no subsidy, has no minimum duration and you pay nothing to cancel (although cancelling the contract requires one month notice)!
The contract is signed and the SIM is activated on the spot immediately...

Hope this helped!

Enjoy your time in Greece!

finejam 13-08-2008 01:19

Thank you very much again!!!

Do you know the APN for Cosmote?

...It is just this string I have to put in (like here in germany with xxxx=APN):


How is such a contract usually canceled in Greece? I suppose not online, do I have to write a letter or a fax or go to a shop?


DaveRo 13-08-2008 08:48

@gmmour: Thanks very much. This is all very helpful.


gmmour 13-08-2008 13:50

You can fax them your request or visit a store let them make a copy of your ID and fill in a form...

So if you are abroad, a fax would be the only solution. You have to attach a copy of your ID (or passport) on the fax for the cancelation (or any request in general) to be accepted by fax. It is better to use the same piece of ID you used when you signed up for the contract.
Then call them after one day to ask them if your request has been processed and what day the cancelation has been scheduled for. They might also try to call you back from the cancelation/retention department and make an offer to convince you not to cancel.

Cosmote's APN for internet (not WAP), i.e. for data plans is just "internet"... Their "My View" APN which you have to use if you buy the 4 Euro pass with the 40 MB's would be "wap".

gmmour 24-09-2008 00:22


From October 20th, 2008 Wind plus non-stop will stop offering unlimited data! It will offer unlimited browsing in the Wind plus portal and 40 MB for other sites... You will pay a whole 0,0119 Euro/kilobyte if you exceed the 40 MB limit!

This means that after October 20th, 2008 Wind Plus non-stop will no longer be of any interest!!!!!!!

STOP using it after October 20th, 2008 or you'll pay almost 12500 Euro per GB!!!

The new wind plus non-stop is now the same as the Cosmote GR my view monthly pass (40MB/month)...

DaveRo 24-09-2008 15:10

Thanks for the warning. I'll need something to replace it when I sail in Greece next year.

Yesterday I was in Kioni, on Ithiki. It is the first place I've been with no Wind signal - only Cosmote. I needed a weather forecast. So I subscribed - successfully - to Wind Italy 'Roaming no limit'. But I couldn't get a GPRS connection through Cosmote to Wind IT; not sure why - I think it timed out. Anybody got this to work?

So I tried to use my Cosmokarte - which I exppected to cost 11EUR/Mb. But I got an error 'Subscribe to GPRS First'. Do I need to go to a Cosmote shop to do that?

In the end I climbed up a small mountain to get a Wind signal :-)

gmmour 25-09-2008 16:18

Wind now offers a new "ADSM add-on" for postpaid customers only, it costs 8 Euro/month and gives 120 MB of real internet (no proxy) traffic through the gint APN (not used for Wind plus). They also offer an add-on for 17 Euro / month with 300 MB of traffic... Extra MB cost 0,70 Euro each!

The only thing available for prepaid customers now (apart from the new wind plus non-stop with 40 MB) is the ADSM non-stop add on the offers 1 or 7 days of "unlimited" (1 GB/day) traffic but it's very expensive (I have mentioned the prices on a previous post)...

Cosmote offers a Cosmote My view WAP pass that also offers unlimited Cosmote portal and 40 MB internet traffic for 4 Euro / month... They also offer an add-on for postpaid customers with 15 Euro/month, 250MB included and 0,10Euro/MB overage...

Vodafone also has two surf&mail packages 3.5Euro for 30 MB and 10 Euro for 150 MB a month... Here's the link
Unfortunately, this too, is available only as an add-on to postpaid customers...
Vodafone GR i-phone postpaid programs (including voice, SMS and 500MB to 1GB of data each month, are a good deal for postpaid but still only available to iPhone users...

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