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Bossman 25-02-2009 20:50

maxroam account after login.
Can anyone else here with maxroam see if they can login to their account. Here is what I get after I login. My numbers and balance are all showing 0. I used it about a month ago, so sim expiration is not the issue.


Urgent Notice
Please note that an issue has been detected with your account.

This issue may prevent certain options in MyMAXroam from being displayed, and some features may not work as required.

Please contact our Support Team at for further assitance.


Your current balance is €0.00.

Your master MAXroam number is: +0.

Your SMS number: +0.

patphelan 26-02-2009 00:40

Sincerest Apologies for this error
Your information is now fully visible.

Bossman 05-03-2009 10:15

Can't login nd number is not working
Pat, what's up. Is this due to the maintenance?

I can not login to the account. The sim registers on a network but can't receive or make any out going calls.

We are sorry but either an error has occured on our system, or your account is no longer active on the MAXRoam system. If you feel this message is being displayed to you in error, please contact

labigo 08-03-2009 23:21

Is Maxroam working?
I received a new sim card from maxroam, yesterday.
But the sim doesn't work...I can't make/receive calls, send/receive sms...
Now, I'm in Italy (the sim registers in all Italian networks).

Bossman 09-03-2009 08:34

You need to give them a call. As I posted in the "Is Celtrek Working" thread below. My current maxroam sim has not worked in about a week. It registers but cannot make outgoing or receive incoming calls. I cannot login to the account either. I contacted them and they were having some problems and have sent new sim cards out. I have not received it yet though.

Bossman 10-03-2009 01:46

I got the new sim card and it's NOT working here either. It registers on both tmobile and AT&T here in the US but outgoing calls cannot be made. I just get a message that outgoing calls are not allowed. Same with incoming calls. It looks like this sim "direct dial" like regular sims and does not use callback. Since I get the message right away, and I do not see that "wait/calling" message we see callback sims.

Also, on the sim menu, there is only one option Callback On/off. I changed it but it did not make any diffeence. It still dials dierectly but to come back with the message that "call can not be made at this time"

I have opened a ticket with maxroam...we'll see.

Bossman 10-03-2009 18:32

Maxroam sims now have belgium number
May be the Israeli carrier went out of business too. Celtrek is probably the same. My sim card is still not working however, they sent me a user guide. Whis did not resolve anything.
See excerpts from their response and the user guide they sent below
Please find attached a User Guide for your new sim card. This should answer all of the queries you have.

Due to upgrades to our system some parts of the website are unavailable. I'm afraid that these upgrades are essential as there are some changes to our service. We believe these will greatly benefit our customers. For example you now have one number for voice and text, we have dropped our priced in 55 countries by 50%. We now cover 26 new countries, your sim is now data enabled and we have added 26 new countries to our list of coverage

This SIM card comes with a Belgium phone number. local numbers are available as usual
1. Using SIM Card will reduce your roaming expenses by up to 80%.
2. Your SIM card is pre-activated. Remove your current SIM card from your phone & replace it with your new SIM, switch on your phone and enter the PIN code [1111]. Your phone will display the name of a mobile network. Example: Vodafone. It is then ready for use

labigo 11-03-2009 11:20

New sim
I received this message from help desk:
"On the reverse of your card you will see a number beginning 048. If you put a +32 and remove the 0 from this number you will have +32489XXXXXX. This is your new sms number which you can also take calls on."
I didn't understand the new sim has a new mobile number...
Now, it works...
I can make/receive calls and send/receive sms on the belgium mobile number.
But the new rates?

Bossman 11-03-2009 11:53

I am really not sure what maxroam is doing. From the email they sent out this am. And from the attached new user guide, it looks like they will be associating the old DID with this belgium number. Incoming calls work to the belgium number but outgoing fail here n the US.

It's obvious they are rushing to get things up and running again.

petkow 12-03-2009 15:19

So am I to assume if I have an old unregistered SIM with them this will now no longer be able to be registered? I got a couple of freebies from them when they first set up, but have never found a reason to use them yet. Looks even less likely now!

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