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DRNewcomb 23-04-2013 19:58

Does anyone use Bobsled?
Bobsled is a free app for iOS & Android that permits free US VOIP calls. Has anyone tried it? Comments? Observations?

Stu 24-04-2013 01:40

I have it on my phone. It seems to work ok. I haven't tried to use it on any networks which block VOIP and the caller-id it gives is generic.

DRNewcomb 24-04-2013 05:29

Have you compared it with other apps, like Talkatone (a Google Voice app for iPhone)? I'm curious if it has any particular advantages.

Stu 24-04-2013 13:20

It is comparable to Talkatone basic (but no incoming calls or text messages). If you pay for Talkatone's premium codecs, Talkatone is better.

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