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Sabaton 25-10-2010 16:20

Finland DNA prepaid card
Hi guys, or..Moi kaikille since this is supposed to be a Finnish thread :cool:

I'm planning to buy a Finnish prepaid card - I have already had a Kolumbus one but it is now expired since it's a been a while since I visited Finland for the last time - but the problem is that most of the prepaid cards don't work in international roaming outside Finland. And now, I definitely need to get a Finnish prepaid card which also works in Italy. I've been browsing thorugh these pages in order to point out the actual situation and it seems that only DNA allows its prepaid cards to work outside Finland. Am I right or am I missing something? I have a friend in Finland who can buy me a card, but he's not so keen on mobile phones and he doesn't know if there are others prepaid cards..


Effendi 26-10-2010 16:01

Yes, I confirm, AFAIK only DNA has international roaming capabilities

Schlips1 26-10-2010 20:43

On the DNA network you may also use Go mobile:

GoMobile > Home

They are roaming, too.

Sabaton 13-11-2010 01:05

Just received a DNA card and it's working perfectly here in Italy :D

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