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GadgetKen 12-08-2018 07:53

Replacement sim cards arrived in the mail. Jersey Telecom is the same carrier as my Koko sim, but the Piranha rates in Canada and Bermuda are higher.

Bossman 14-08-2018 02:33

I suspect that somehow Piranha has forgot to send a replacement SIM to some of us. I requested one on 5/19 (via their support ticket) when the issue first came about as well. I have not received it yet. So I went ahead and put in another request yesterday.


Originally Posted by rfranzq (Post 50350)
I first asked for a replacement SIM when this first became news.
I wonder if they are sending everyone who requested one a SIM or just more recent folk. If anyone requested the SIM more than a month ago and gets one now: Please speak up. It will give reassurance or at least a warning that we will need to request again.

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