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kuba.g 21-01-2013 21:10

The Free Record Shop where I bought my card really sold it ;) for other shops - they should sell as well if they're mentioned on the *bliep website.
If you want to be absolutely sure you can always just make a phone call and ask.

MP_man 02-02-2013 16:35

With kuba's help I got one sim card. Now I am using the 50 cents option, the net is quite ok, speed is decent, overall I am satisfied!

123456 22-07-2013 15:31

*bliep now roams in most European countries
Also data roaming:
- 10 MB - 24 hours valid € 2
- 200 MB - 7 days valid € 15
- without bundle € 0,54 per Mb. (billing per Kb.)
So it is easier to extend the validity of the SIM by just using the browser for a moment.
More info: (in Dutch, sorry!)

drama queen 08-08-2013 23:40

I have just returned from a week in the Netherlands and found the Bliep card very good for data. My notes are as follows

- I tried to purchase on-line. The help section suggests you can pay by Paypal - but the only options offered are Dutch banks, so I didn't succeed in purchase.
- On arriving in Delft, Free Record store had gone out of business and Mobile Phone House was out of stock. I got the SIM card in GSM Shop, Delft
- The price was €15 for the starter pack - I only needed around €7 of credit for 7 days, but there seemed to be a minimum of €15.
- The purchase was very easy - no passport/ID needed. I walked out of the shop with SIM in less than 5 minutes.
- I had to set up the APN manually, as internet.arta, User/Password - blank.
- In order to activate the card, I had to send an initial text
- I changed tariff to the €1 per day-as this offers higher speed Internet.
- The card allowed tethering - we had 3/4 devices tethered.
- The network coverage and performance was excellent

123456 09-08-2013 08:33

Don't forget to switch to the €0 per day tariff when you leave the Netherlands. Otherwise each day credit (50 cent or 1 euro) will be lost, even if you don't use it. SIM card is deactivated if you don't use it for more than 6 months. Sending 1 SMS (10 cent within EU) each 6 months is sufficient.

wco81 22-08-2013 04:12

I found locations for Phone House and Free Record Shop in Amsterdam but is there a chance there's a store at the airport (AMS) or at the train station?

123456 02-03-2015 21:29

No unlimited data anymore from April 2015!

Request your new SIM now!
On the 2nd of April, *bliep is moving to a new network in order to offer you 4G Internet later this year. Your current SIM won’t work anymore after the 2nd of April. Request your free new SIM now and join us to an upgraded *bliep. Your number will remain the same and your credit will move with you.

What’s happening?
The amount of data used by all *bliepers doesn’t fit in with our 50 cents anymore. We had to make a choice: increase the price or limit the data. We chose the last one, because 90% of our users are better of with a limit. 50 cents will buy you 67 MB’s per day. That amounts to 2 GB per month for only €15! Unlimited calling will be replaced by low cost calling for 5 cents per minute, charged by the second.

Some background:
Bliep will leave the T-Mobile network and move to the Tele2 network which is 4G (800/2600MHz) only with national roaming on T-Mobile for 2G/3G.
From the 2nd of April onwards, you won’t be able to use T-Mobile top-up vouchers on the new *bliep SIM.

svenn 18-04-2017 05:44

Can I get this sim on Thursday in Hengelo or Enschede?

123456 20-06-2017 19:52


Originally Posted by svenn (Post 49041)
Can I get this sim on Thursday in Hengelo or Enschede?

No, nowadays you can only get this sim via the Bliep website. You can order a free sim (without credit) here.
I am not sure if they will sent it to Germany, but you can give it a try :)

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