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smokeyone 22-01-2009 07:58

um call cost query
I wonder is someone could explain the united mobile call activity price listing. I have tried but cannot get any of the minutes/cost/total to tally. Am I missing something -
forinstance uk to german mobile 39c per minute times 1m & 7secs bill for it euro or pounds as I top up in Pounds. i know there is a fixed connection fee as well.
Another example - another german mobile from the uk...
4m.6s total 2.14
What am I missing please! As it seems to be working out at 50p a minute on average I should be able to find cheaper alternatives....

prion 22-01-2009 08:23

Charges apply per minute not per second. So in your case it is 2 minutes=0,78 euros (always in euros with UM)
0,78+0,19 connection charge =0,97 euros. So you were billed correctly.
Most (if not all) international prepaid sims charge per minute

smokeyone 22-01-2009 10:36

Thanks very much for the info. I checked 4min 6 secs and the result is the same £2.14.
However I know the Pound is on a par with the Euro but I charge my card in Pounds but they deduct in Euro's......!

dg7feq 22-01-2009 11:28

The interesting thing would be to see if they deduct the exact amount in Euro = Pounds from your balance or if the website shows the euro prices on the call list but convert the balance correctly.

andy 22-01-2009 11:42

For calling from the UK, yes you can find cheaper alternatives. It depends a bit on whether you have contract or payg here.

There are several mvno brands with cheap direct dialled international calls, rates 15 to 20p for European mobiles. And main networks have options similar to these, such as Orange Camel.

On contracts, some have reasonable int'l rates, such as O2 ITS with 17p to European mobiles. On some of the others you'd probably use a callthrough account on a landline number with rates perhaps down close to 10p, such as one of the Betamax VoIP brands.

Roaming in Europe, some global SIMs are 25p or so to mobiles, and so is O2's My Europe Extra add-on option. 3 has 25p rates as well, but I can't remember and haven't checked if this is only to UK or all of Europe

smokeyone 22-01-2009 13:09

Thanks to both of you for the tips. The balance on the um statement appears to be just in Pounds that was priced in Euros as it shows my £20 credit less the cost of the euro phone call leaving a balance quoted in Pounds....

What does mvno brands mean please....
Thanks again

andy 22-01-2009 14:46


Originally Posted by smokeyone (Post 24981)
What does mvno brands mean please....

virtual brands rather than licence-holding main networks, such as Virgin on T-mobile, and Tesco, Asda, Ikea Family, Lyca, Lebara etc

smokeyone 22-01-2009 18:17

Thanks for the info on virtual brands.

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