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saren 02-12-2013 06:50

Cheapest prepaid mobile provider in New zealand
I am visiting NZ for 3 months. I would like to know which network do you use? Which prepaid plan do you have? What provider has the cheapest SMS rates? I am interested in sending SMS (to local mobiles only). No roaming, no international, no nothing, just the cheapest local SMS. Sending/recieving messages are more important for me than voice calls, or data. And i'm interested in a provider that has text packs/bundles. I have a Nokia C2 phone, which is 3G. I would like to visit semi-remote areas of NZ, however i only need coverage near towns. I have researched the best options online, and it seems VODAPHONE (Prepay Smart), or 2DEGREES (Prepay Plus, with the $10 textpack) are the best choices. Also, there are the MVNO's operating with Vodaphone, but i didn't check them. So what do you think? Please help me choose the right provider based on the above information. Thanks!

kiwijamo 09-01-2015 01:21

2degrees is probably the best value for SMS but the other carriers (Vodafone and Spark) also have good value text packs as well with simalar prices.

2degrees roam on Vodafone in areas where they don't have their own coverage. 2degrees occassionally have issues when you are on the margin between the 2degrees and Vodafone networks -- sometimes your phone will cling on to an unusable 2degrees signal even though roaming on the much better Vodafone service is permitted. There are also some areas where 2degrees have no service but roaming on Vodafone is not permitted.

I would go with Vodafone just for the more reliable service if you plan to spend a lot of time outside of the main centres. Otherwise 2degrees generally offers a good service within the big cities.

Skinny (ex-Telecom) is another option if you have a UMTS 850/2100 phone. Their coverage is pretty good however you must have a UMTS 850/2100 phone. Unlike 2degrees/Vodafone they do not operate a GSM 900/1800 network.

You could also look at Skinny which is a MVNO off the Skinny (ex-Telecom) network which has pretty good nationalwide coverage. You'll need a UMTS 850/2100 phone though. I have no experience of their service so I have not recommended them.

- James

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