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francesca-italy 22-05-2012 21:40

Austria - Best Prepaid
I live in Italy and I'm moving to Austria (Innsbruck) for a period of 5 months on October.
I have an Iphone and I'd like to buy a prepaid with an option for calls+sms+internet.

I saw on 3 Austrian website that with 3SuperSIM Superphone L is possible to have a good offer for calls,sms and internet.

I'd like to know if it is easy to activate a 3 sim in Austria (I don't speak German...unfortunately!:o).

As an alternative, can you suggest me the best mobile dialer/prepaid option for my need?

Thanks in advance,


norbi 11-06-2012 16:28

Hi Francesca,

3 is very easy to use with prepaid 3SuperSIM - Wertkarte

3SuperSIM Paket-

Superphone XXL 20 € 3.000 / 3.000 1.000 6GB

Superphone XL 15 € 2.000 / 2.000 1.000 4GB

Superphone L 10 € 1.000 / 1.000 1.000 2GB

but you must use the button " super sim freischalten " in german ...

if you need help just write...

francesca-italy 18-06-2012 10:04

Thanks a lot!!!


josipko 26-06-2012 19:39

yesss karte from hofer


bmsanja 14-08-2012 15:47

Hi everyone!

I'm going to Alpbach for 18 days, I'm leaving in two days. I'd like to buy an Austrian prepaid sim card, with cheap sms to all networks worldwide and fairly cheap international calls. Also, cheap sms to Austrian networks would be nice.

Could you tell me what's the best network for me, how much does it cost?
Also how long would one top-up last, and what's the minimum amount of the top-up?

sretlow 08-11-2012 10:17

Problem nowadays will be that sometimes people need a micro sim card. Yesss doesn't have that probably. I also went to Yesss for my card but now I have to cut it to a microsim. If you have a Iphone 5 you have a bigger problem. The sim card is smaller dan microsim.

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