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Schlips1 21-09-2009 00:05

Q-Telecom Greece
I just figured out that my greece original Q1 Q-Telecom (202-09!) is now roaming in Germany on T-Mobile De.
Does anybody knows, how
- to find out the credit while roaming
- to find out the expiry date while roaming
- how to recharge it while roaming
Is there any possibility to use a (non greece) credit card to recharge it?

schoen 24-09-2009 20:01

to find out your credit deal the 1223 or send a sms with NO text (or with YP, but i#m not sure if it works)
and to recharge it, buy scartchcards while you in greece or take this internet adress (but also not sure if it works with a german credit card)
I hope that it will works and I could help you!?

pronto 13-12-2014 20:10

Internetroaming settings
APN: myq
all others blank

I cannot use the internet abroad with prepaid Q.
I choose networks manually as mentioned here because data roaming is not possible on all networks.
I can call, receive calls, send and receive sms.
I tried in the Netherlands, Germany and Hungary.

I tried apn but that doesn't work neither.

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