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paul2003ca 21-04-2012 16:57

Fonic Referral
Hi everyone,

My wife and I are travelling to Berlin in August-Sept of this year. In anticipation of our trip I had purchased two fonic sim cards off German Amazon. A bit off topic, I have to say I was amazed with the speed of delivery as they were both here within a week.

I have not yet activated either one of them. It is my understanding they should remain active for 6 months following the initial activation. My plan is to activate my first sim card now with the use of a referral code to receive EUR 5 account credut and then use the first phone number as the referral for the 2nd sim card and recieve another EUR 5, this time in both accounts. In theory this should allow sufficient time for the referral bonuses to be deposited in time for our trip. Given there are no minimum monthly charges we should have EUR 20 and EUR 15 in our accounts respectively.

I guess this is a part question, part request - A. Is this plan feasible? B. Would someone like to share their number for the first referral bonus? It is my understanding your account would also be credited EUR5.

Thank you!

P.S. - Just read about the new Fonic registration mail out process. Just my luck :( The above request still stands nevertheless.

inquisitor 21-04-2012 17:57

A. Yes this is feasible. But wait with the activation of the second SIM until the first one has been fully activated (usually a couple of hours later when the SIM will register on the network - including roaming networks abroad).

B. Here you are: 017639259118

paul2003ca 21-04-2012 18:12

Thank you Inquisitor!

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