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Voice tariffs

Set-up Fee
for all calls
All calls
Mo-Su 0-24
SEK 0.77
€ 0.09
SEK 0.77
€ 0.09

Additional Services and Costs
Video Calls (3G only) SEK 4.77/min - € 0.52
Messaging National SMS: SEK 0.77 - € 0.09
International SMS: SEK 2.50 - € 0.28
MMS: SEK 1.99 - € 0.22
Voice Mail same as voice calls
Data Calls Wap CSD: SEK 0.77/min - € 0.09/min
Wap GPRS/3G: SEK 19.00/MB - € 2.12/MB
Customer Service, Refill service same as voice calls
International Calls Different charges apply, see here (in Swedish)
International Roaming only for people resident in Sweden after signing almost like an ordinary contract
Billing 5/5
Refills/credit Anything between SEK 150 and 750
Validity period 12 months

Something about Djuice

The Norwegian operator Telenor issued a PrePaid card in Sweden called "Djuice Kontantkort"; all old Djuice cards have been changed to "one price".
"Djuice Kontantkort" is fully internet based, you'll need a certified Swedish internet bank account or a credit card in order to subscribe to this service.