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Tru for You is quite different from other international prepaid sim-cards.
Once you buy a starting kit you get a local number from the country you live in. At the moment only UK, USA and Australia are available (Spain, Hong Kong and the Netherlands will be the next available).
While on that country (called "Tru network") you pay "local rates"; you can access local rates in all Tru countries paying a monthly fee of 10 (or € 10, or US$ 15). The first month after the acrivation is free of charge.
Outside of the local area you can pay 2 different kind of rates: "standard roaming" and "economy roaming". Standard roaming is available everywhere, while economy roaming is available only in selected countries. Every time you arrive in an "economy roaming" country you should receive an SMS with that information. In order to use the "economy roaming" you have to use the callback code *100*00XXxxxxxxxxxx# where 00XX is the international prefix and xxxxxxxxxx the number you want to call. You will be called back and then the call will start with the cheaper rates.

cheap rates for home country
local prefix
wide coverage
data capabilities (cheap on Tru network)
no set-up fee

no free incoming calls outside the home country
SMS service unreliable


Additional costs and services
Setup/usage fee none
Call rates see the online calculator
Messaging Outgoing SMS: starting from € 0.12 in EU
Incoming SMS: free of charge
Data Calls see the online calculator
APN: (not available on Blackberry)
Debiting method 60/1
Validity after 90 days of inactivity you are billed € 2.00 (or 2.00 or $ 3.00) per month until you reactivate the service
Credit check Dial 303 or check on the website