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Telna Mobile

Telna Mobile SIM card is an international postpaid offer. Each month, you will receive a bill for your usage which will be automatically charged to your credit card. There is a US$ 19 annual fee for the service. Delivery within USA is included in the first annual fee, however delivery to any other country via DHL costs US$ 30 extra.
Telna Mobile card can be used on 431 networks across 164 different countries. Costs for calls is lower than with Mobal cards, however data is not supported at the moment (it will be added sometime in the future according to the provider).


You can see the rates for incoming and outgoing calls for every country by clicking here.
You can receive SMS messages on your telna Mobile number (from all American networks and most foreign networks) and you can send an SMS to your card for free via Telna Mobile website, but you cannot send outgoing SMS messages from your phone yet. This feature will be available in the future according to the provider.

Placing a call

Telna Mobile SIM card uses callback for outgoing calls, similar to how prepaid cards such as TravelSIM work. To make an outgoing call you dial the international code, the area code and the number, you then receive a callback which you need to answer to be connected to your destination. Telna Mobile SIM cards supports SMS call initiation for these networks or phones where USSD is not supported.


All calls are charged in full minutes (60/60). At the end of every month, Telna Mobile prepares an invoice for all calls placed during the month which is sent to you via email, and the amount is automatically debited from your credit card. Telna Mobile will only send statements for months in which you have made calls. For international customers (i.e. non US citizens), Telna Mobile reserves the right to charge your card each time your unbilled usage reaches US$ 100 during a month. Itemized bills will be provided, detailing all call charges, but call details can also be seen online in near realtime at any time during the month.

Other useful information

You can read the FAQ for Telna Mobile service by clicking here.
Telna Mobile card has a web based control panel unlike any of the other providers. It is geared towards human resources departments in large companies. This interface allows you for each card in your account, to Enable and disable your voicemail, setup voicemail notifications and listen to your voicemail messages without any airtime cost:
- Block incoming and outgoing calls in certain countries
- View the current country where each card is located on a map
- View call records and missed incoming calls in near realtime