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MAXroam offers a DID number associated to your international sim-card.
The original number of the MAXroam card is a Belgian Base +32 number, which you can use for SMS only. For calls, MAXroam offers one or more DID numbers (you can choose one for free among USA, UK, France, Ireland, Italy, Poland and Sweden) to associate to your MAXroam simcard. Incoming calls are never free of charge.

You can choose one or more landline numbers of different countries to link to the mobile one, resulting in cheap (when not free) calls to any MAXroam customer. No set-up fee.
Rather cheap SMS and outgoing calls rates.
Free missed calls notification.
30/30 billing.

You pay also for non answered calls! The same applies to people calling you on Maxroam!
Incoming call rates are quite high, also compared to similar services.
No call-ID for both incoming and outgoing calls.
Website still very minimal, no information about calls/texts history.


It's impossible to write here all the outgoing and incoming tariffs since they can change from country to country and operator to operator. The only way to understand how much you are going to spend it using the Rate Calculator on the official site.

Additional costs and services
Setup fee none
Messaging Outgoing SMS: it changes from country to country, starting from € 0.22
Incoming SMS: free of charge
Data Calls Starting from € 0.34/100KB, see the online rate calculator
Debiting method 30/30

For more information we suggest to look at Maxroam official site.